The Enterprise Control Language (ECL)

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HPCC Systems Enterprise Control Language (ECL) is the query and control language developed to manage all aspects of the massive data joins, sorts and builds. ECL truly differentiates HPCC from other technologies in its ability to provide flexible data analysis on a massive scale.

ECL is a declarative language optimized for the manipulation of massive data sets and provides for modular structured programming. Moreover, ECL is a transparent and implicitly parallel programming language which is both powerful and flexible, allowing for faster and more effective development cycles, through higher expressiveness, encapsulation and code reuse.

Data analysts can “express” complex queries without the need for iterative, time-consuming data transformations and sorts associated with other programming languages. Traditional low level languages (Java, C++ etc) force the translation of business requirements to functional requirements before programming can occur. The abstract nature of ECL eliminates the need for this by making it easy to express business rules directly and succinctly.

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