Comparison Chart of Community and Enterprise Editions

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The following comparison chart will assist you in further understanding the differences between the HPCC Systems Community and Enterprise Editions.

Please contact us if you have further questions and we will be glad to assist you.

Comparison Chart v1.9
Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Overview Developers and highly technical enthusiasts in non-mission critical environments. This edition is unsupported and is intended to be used by those happy to spend time and resources solving issues independently. For organizations looking for an enterprise scale, production-ready open source state-of-the-art data intensive supercomputing and delivery platform.
License/Usage Apache License, Version 2.0 (as of v3.10) Commercial license
Support for 3rd party Plugins Open source 3rd party plugins from the community available. Yes, see Plugins list.
Access to the Certified ECL modules Library [?] Basic ECL Library included General purpose ECL Library plus additional Modules are provided to be used as examples and/or to extend the functionality of the language.
Access control security model [?] LDAP/Active Directory integration is included. LDAP/Active Directory integration is included.
Scalability Thousands of nodes Thousands of nodes
High Availability Yes Yes
System Monitoring ECL Watch Console ECL Watch Console
Graphic Configuration Tool Yes Yes
Source code repository integration Supports most source code versioning systems through their standard utilities. Supports most source code versioning systems through their standard utilities.
Data Update System for Roxie Yes Yes
Thor differential key copy: Keydiff Yes Yes
Infiniband support Through IPoIB Native/RDMA
Multiple Thor Process per node (MultiThor) Yes Yes
Advanced Dali (support for remote reads) Yes Yes
Training available Yes, free online videos and paid classroom setting. Yes, in addition to free online videos, receive a minimum of 10 training credits towards paid training.
Certification Basic testing against different Linux distributions
  • Rigorous testing by dedicated HPCC Systems QA Engineers
  • Both automated and manual QA
  • 3000 manual checks and tests
  • Certifying particular platforms as optimal
Advanced integration modules [?] No Yes, see Modules list.
ECL code encryption [?] Yes Yes
Data Encryption [?] No Available for separate purchase.
Remote Storage support [?] No Available for separate purchase.
HThor and Roxie Debugger Yes Yes
Data content browser (Roxie Browser) Yes Yes
Support Community support through discussion forums and online documentation. Bronze level support is included plus the following:
  • Production Support plus Priority Bug fixing
  • Consultative Support
  • Initial Setup and Configuration Support
  • Sizing and Scalability Prediction Support
  • Upgrade to Silver or Gold support available
Price FREE! License based on number of nodes, special pricing for DR, development and QA environments

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