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Generalized Neural Network Bundle Version 3

Roger Dev  –  September 27, 2023


Arjuna Chala provides readers with a great overview of the HPCC Systems platform, how it differs from other big data tools and the advantages of the ECL programming language.

ChatGPT & the False Alarms of Singularity

David de Hilster  –  July 25, 2023

Welcoming the 2023 HPCC Systems Interns

Hugo Watanuki  –  July 14, 2023

The 2023 KSU Hackathon for Social Good

George Foreman  –  June 14, 2023

Getting up and running with HPCC Systems

George Foreman  –  April 30, 2023

Contributions to the HPCC Systems open source project from the interns in Mumbai

Hugo Watanuki  –  April 25, 2023

Danica Lo | Fast Company

Here’s what Flavio Villanustre and other experts say about which jobs AI will make obsolete—and what jobs it could create.