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End-to-end big data in a massively scalable supercomputing platform.

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HPCC Systems enables business of all sizes to better analyze and understand data at scale, improving time to results and decisions.

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What's New?

New Case Study:

Read the case study to learn how 3LOQ is changing the landscape of customer engagement with AI.

The case study demonstrates the benefits of HPCC Systems and how 3LOQ leverages it to:

  • Manage proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze billions of data points
  • Map out dynamic feature recommendations that put a customer on a habit formation path
  • Utilize artificial intelligence to make habitual users of a bank’s mobile offering and thereby reduce churn rates and improve customer engagement.
New Blog:
Software Architecture Design and How to Implement It in ECL
Read the blog to learn about module inheritance and view example code.

This blog highlights::

  • Important things to remember about module inheritance
  • How it is applied to a project
  • What module inheritance will not let you do
  • The biggest benefit of using inheritance
Community Webcast:
The Download: HPCC Systems Community Tech Talks, Episode 12

Recording is now available for another episode of the community workshops to share knowledge, spark innovation, and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community.

Featured speakers and topics included:

  • Itauma Itauma, PhD Candidate, Keiser University - Conducting Exploratory Data Analysis in Educational Research Using HPCC Systems®
  • Ignacio Calvo, Software Engineering Lead, LexisNexis Risk Solutions – Big Data and Geospatial with HPCC Systems®
  • Bob Foreman, Senior Software Engineer, HPCC Systems, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - The Top Ten Common ECL Compiler/Runtime Errors and How to Correct Them

Modern IDE support for data programming

Try playing with the code on our virtual playground and sample dataset.

Download the ECL IDE

Visit the ECL Playground

Get the Early Access VS Code ECL Extension

The HPCC Systems Platform

ETL Engine (Thor)

Extract, Transform, and Load your data using a powerful scripting language (ECL) specifically developed to work with data.

Query Engine (ROXIE)

An index based search engine to perform real-time queries. SOAP, XML, REST, and SQL are all supported interfaces.

Data Management Tools

Data Profiling, Data Cleansing, Snapshot Data Updates and consolidation, Job Scheduling and automation are some of the key features.

Predictive Modeling Tools

In place (supporting distributed linear algebra) predictive modeling functionality to perform Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, and Random Forests.

Check out our blog posts

  • Flavio Villanustre
    3 hours ago
    I am excited to announce the kick-off of the HPCC Systems community 10K Trees challenge in conjunction with the National Forest Foundation’s effort to plant 50 million trees across our National Forests by 2023. As a result of the partnership, 10,000 trees will be planted this year, helping the NFF in its mission of promoting the health and public enjoyment of our National Forests.
  • Dan Camper
    5 days 3 hours ago
    Ever wanted to pass an incoming file to a single function and have it do all the “common” tasks? Inheritance allows programmers to reuse code they have already written. This article discusses module inheritance and how to initiate it in ECL.
  • Richard Taylor
    2 weeks 5 days ago
    I receive a lot of interesting questions from members in our community about how to do this and that in ECL. Recently, someone sent me some code and asked how to PARSE dates.

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