Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:56 am
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SoapCall Create WUID from Local Git Rep

Questions around writing code and queries

Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:17 pm Change Time Zone


I have recently switched over to Git source management and ran into an issue submitting WUID from another workunit.

Currently using MYSQL Source management we submit the code like this:
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dWUSubmitResult:= soapcall('http://' + TargetESPAddress + ':' + TargetESPPort + '/WsWorkunits',                                           'WUSubmit',

In doing so, we pass in a set of XPath parameters to tell the SoapCall how and where to submit the WUID. In GIT, we have a default repository that each target cluster submits on. My question is what is the option for me to use my local repository when making this call.

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rWUSubmitRequest   := record
string   WUID{XPATH('Wuid'),maxlength(20)}       :=   pWUID;                              
string  Cluster{XPATH('Cluster'),maxlength(30)}   :=   pCluster;                  
string  Queue{XPATH('Queue'),maxlength(30)}     :=   pQueue;
string  Snapshot{XPATH('Snapshot'),maxlength(10)}:=   '';
string  MaxRunTime{XPATH('MaxRunTime'),maxlength(10)} :=   '0';
string   Block{XPATH('BlockTillFinishTimer'),maxlength(10)}   :=   '0';
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Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:44 pm Change Time Zone


I'm wondering why any ECL code has to change at all simply because you've changed its storage location? Yes, the syntax rules change around IMPORT and full qualification, but that affects all ECL code, not just SOAPCALL,

AFAIK, SOAPCALL doesn't care where the code is stored, so why does it need to change? What happens when you try running your SOAPCALL the old same way?

Unless, of course, I'm misunderstanding the problem. :)


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Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:55 pm Change Time Zone

Hey Richard,

So in the "old way" the soapCall would build the BWR code and execute the code called from the bwr from the WsAttributes server. Well, now there is local and Thor target level configuration that points to different repositories. In the Compiler Tab of preferences, I have added my local ECL Repositories. When I submit a job, because my local repository is defined it is used as my codebase. When the job is submitted from another job it seems not to know that I submitted it and none of my local configurations are used. Instead, it acts as if ECL Folder under compiler tab is empty and uses the Git Lib that was configured for that specific Thor Target.

What I need, is an open to tell the compiler during the build of the new WUID that I need to overwrite the Target Repository and use my local code base.

More clear?

Tim N
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