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Data extract to RDBMS

Questions around writing code and queries

Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:28 pm Change Time Zone

How can HPCC data (or a subset of data) be extracted to a relational database?
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Hi Nirupa,

This FAQ on our web site might be helpful to you:

How can HPCC help me with my existing RDBMS?

Whether you are using an ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method) or SQL file system, the HPCC can be a great resource for analyzing and reporting on your existing data, particularly if your data is starting to get very large and hard to manage on your existing system. All that you need to do is export your data files to either a fixed length format, CSV (comma separated values) format, or XML format, and then copy them to the HPCC Landing (or Drop) Zone and spray them to the THOR Data Refinery in HPCC. After that, your related files can be quickly joined and transformed using one of many ECL transformation functions. Your results can be stored in new tables and later indexed for faster access on the Roxie Data Delivery Engine which is also built-in to your HPCC.

Although this FAQ describes getting data into HPCC from a RDBMS, the opposite process is very similar. From HPCC, you would simply despray your THOR, CSV, or XML file back to your landing zone, and then use the import tools of your RDBMS to merge or import the data back to your target system.


Bob Foreman
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