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Having an issue importing a database

Questions around writing code and queries

Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:47 pm Change Time Zone

I'm using Eclipse as my IDE, and I',m trying to basically create a table and import values from a dataset, but I keep getting an error.

The error I keep getting is Code: 4157.

This is what I have so far.

export new_file := RECORD
STRING3 Attrition;
STRING25 BusinessTravel;
STRING5 DailyRate;
STRING25 Department;
STRING3 DistanceFromHome;
STRING2 Education;
STRING25 EducationField;
STRING2 EmployeeCount;
STRING3 EmployeeNumber;
STRING2 EnvironmentSatisfaction;
STRING10 Gender;
STRING3 HourlyRate;
STRING2 JobInvolvment;
STRING2 JobLevel;
STRING30 JobRole;
STRING2 JobSatisfaction;
STRING25 MaritalStatus;
STRING6 MonthlyIncome;
STRING6 MonthlyRate;
STRING2 NumCompaniesWorked;
STRING1 Over18;
STRING3 OverTime;
STRING3 PercentSalaryHike;
STRING2 PerformanceRating;
STRING2 RelationshipSatisfaction;
STRING2 StandardHours;
STRING2 StockOptionLevel;
STRING3 TotalWorkingYears;
STRING2 TrainingTimesLastYear;
STRING3 WorkLifeBalance;
STRING2 YearsAtCompany;
STRING2 YearsInCurrentRole;
STRING2 YearsSinceLastPromotion;
STRING2 YearsWithCurrManager;

Can someone help me out?
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Mon Mar 18, 2019 5:36 pm Change Time Zone


Is that an Eclipse error code? If not, what is the error message text that accompanies that code?

Either way, the only ECL code you show is a RECORD structure, which only defines the layout of fields in a file. To reference the file itself you also need a DATASET declaration.

This is all covered in the first ECL online training course, Intro to ECL, Part 1 (available here: Have you gone through that class yet?


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