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Multi nodes Installation

Post questions specific to installation or configuration for the HPCC Systems platform

Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:04 pm Change Time Zone


I'm a french student, I need to use HPCC Systems for my internship.

I have been following the installation guide : ... .0.0-1.pdf

I use a virtual machine with Ubuntu 14.04 to install the HPCC Systems environment.

My first problem, during the installation of multi nodes, when I execute this script :

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sudo /opt/HPCCSystems/sbin/ -k <package-file-name>

I get this error :

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Execution progress: 100%, running: 0, in queue: 0, succeed: 49, failed: 52

                              Error found during install-hpcc.exp execution.
                                         Reference following log for more information:

I tried a lot of configuration, with 2 nodes, 4 nodes or just adding a Thor node, the same problem during the RSA key generating.

And for the next stape :

17. Copy the /etc/HPCCSystems/environment.xml to /etc/HPCCSystems/ on every node.
You may want to create a script to push out the XML file to all nodes. A sample script is provided with HPCC. The following command copies the XML files out to all nodes as required:
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  sudo /opt/HPCCSystems/sbin/ <sourcefile> <destinationfile>

See the appendix for more information on using this script.

Ok but where is the location of nodes ?

Thank in advance

PS : Sorry for my bad english.
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