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Post questions specific to installation or configuration for the HPCC Systems platform

Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:32 pm Change Time Zone


My cluster has 3 boxes with 24core cpu 256G memory. What is the best configuration to achive best throughput.

I am using configuration wizard.(Do I need to configure in advanced option?) Will you provide reasonable values for the following paramaters. No plan to use roxie cluster.

Number of nodes for roxie cluster:
Number of slaves nodes for thor cluster:
Number of thos slaves per node:

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Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:24 pm Change Time Zone

With that many cores/mem, it's probably best to run multiple slaves per physical node..
But it would be matter of experimentation to see what drives the best throughput and will depend on disk speeds, contention and the nature of the jobs.

Number of slaves nodes for thor cluster:
Ideally you'd dedicate these 3 nodes to thorslaves, but obviously you need to run the other services, including thormaster, somewhere. If you have no 4th node to dedicate to the other services (which could be of considerably less power), then I suppose you should spread the other services out more or less evenly over the 3 nodes.

Number of slaves per node: I'd suggest trying with 12, each configured with 18G (leaving a healthy chunk for other services + OS).

Number of nodes for roxie cluster: If you're not intending to use, then you can leave it with default settings.
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