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Mythor failing to start

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Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:05 pm Change Time Zone

I recently had to change a local storage location on my compute slaves to a remote nfs share due to space issues. After doing this, mythor fails to start no matter what I do.
The mythor init log looks like this:
# cat init_mythor_2016_11_28_10_59_29.log
2016-11-28T15:59:29: Starting mythor
2016-11-28T15:59:29: removing any previous sentinel file
2016-11-28T15:59:29: Ensuring a clean working environment ...
2016-11-28T15:59:29: Killing slaves
2016-11-28T15:59:29: Error 255 in frunssh
2016-11-28T15:59:29: Please check /var/log/HPCCSystems/frunssh for more details
2016-11-28T15:59:29: Stopping mythor

Short of rebuilding my cluster, I'm not sure what to do at this point. The location that was remapped to an nfs share is /var/lib/HPCCSystems/hpcc-data.
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