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Count of records shown in Result Section

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Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:40 am Change Time Zone


Below is the sequence of lines on my ecl file. On my ECL IDE editor, I have set the Limit/count of returned rows to be shown on ECL watch as 100.
1. STEP1: Create a Record set of a DataSet,which contains 40844 rows and OUTPUT
FloridaPersons :=(Tutorial.File_OriginalPerson(Tutorial.File_OriginalPerson.state = 'FL'));
2. STEP2: Create an Indexed recordset as below and OUTPUT that:
AllFloridaPersonsExceptFirst:= FloridaPersons[2..] ; //all recs except the first

On execution, ECL watch "Result Section" displayed count as 100 rows for STEP1 result, whereas 40843 for STEP2 result.

My expectation was count of rows will be displayed as 100 for both STEP1 and STEP2 because the Limit of rows has been set as 100 on my ECL IDE.

Is this difference an expected behavior? i.e., result of Indexed RecordSet/DataSet will display the total count of returned records irrespective of Limit set on ECL IDE.

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Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:27 pm Change Time Zone

Hi Rajesh,

The short answer is that "Yes", this is expected behavior, because you requested an indexed recordset result, so the compiler wanted to accommodate you and overwrite the 100 record limit and stream to you all of the records that you requested. A filtered request like the example in Step 1 will use the 100 record limit that was set.

Also, you may notice that any OUTPUT to a logical file (third parameter of OUTPUT) will also stream all of the results of the logical file.

Hope this helps!

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