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HPCC Systems 5.0 new ECL Watch

Comments or questions specific to the features of ECL Watch

Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:09 pm Change Time Zone

There are some major changes to the ECL Watch interface in HPCC Systems 5.0 which is now displayed as the default version in this release.

To help you adjust to the new interface, we have created the HPCC ECL Watch 5.0 Transition Guide. ... tion+Guide

Existing users will find managing the transition from the legacy version easier using the Quick guide for users upgrading from HPCC 4.x. It is designed to help you find features which have changed location and provides information about new features we have added: ... m+HPCC+4.x

New ECL Watch 5.0 Feature Highlights

• Access to different areas of the system while viewing workunit’s/files is now seamless. For example, when viewing an ECL Workunit/DFU Workunit, additional tabs and menus provide access to actions and graphs, results, logical files, query information etc without having to close windows or retrace your steps.
• Multiple workunit’s can be opened which are displayed on tabs and you can move between them also in a seamless fashion keeping as many open as you need to complete your work.
• Significantly improved queries area with icons showing status, and tabs giving direct access to WU and logical file information.
• Direct access to test pages such as Legacy WS-ECL form for published queries
• Superfiles and logical files associated with published queries are now clearly listed. This information is available from the workunit associated with a query, the query details page and when viewing the query details page using the logical file details page.
• Visualisations of results for a number of chart types
• Multiple files of the same type can be sprayed in one action.
• View by Scope switch for toggling between viewing the list of logical files by logical name or by scope.
• Global search facility
• Hex previewer for viewing the contents of files on the landing zone
• Add File utility for adding files stored on another machine or HPCC landing zone
• Improved Permissions area which is now located in the Operations section.
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