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'Could not open workunit' message

Comments or questions specific to the features of ECL Watch

Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:55 pm Change Time Zone

Right, the Queue xml you found in the Dali/SDS is the 'roxie on demand' queue I was talking about.

I think we should add a "clear" queue mechanism to EclWatch for the roxie queue like we have for Thor (i.e. click on the gear icon of the thor queue). I'll open an issue on GitHub for that.

The idea of running the configmgr wizard again would be to get the cluster set up with the 3.6 defaults instead of whatever the defaults were when the cluster was first set up. The new defaults should include roxie on demand, and turning on roxie on demand should prompt roxie to try and run those workunits. After not finding them it should remove them from the queue.

I don't think the 'Roxie on demand' setting does what what one would expect, I'm not sure how its even used anymore.

I'll ask someone more familiar with configmgr details to comment.
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Community Advisory Board Member
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Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:43 pm Change Time Zone

To enable roxie on demand using ConfigMgr, please follow these steps.

1. Using ConfigMgr, open the environment you are working with in Advanced mode.

2. Select the Roxie Cluster in the navigator and you should see its definition on the right hand side. Click on the Servers tab.

3. To verify if roxie on demand is already enabled, check if there are two farms with the same servers (clicking on the arrow icon before the farm name will expand the farm to display its servers), one with port "9876" and the second with port "0". If yes, then roxie on demand is enabled.

4. If roxie on demand is not already enabled, follow these steps
    a. Acquire write access by clicking on the "Write Access" check box
    b. Assuming you are still in the "Servers" tab, right click on the "Roxie Cluster" node and click on the "Add Farm" context menu. A "Select computers" dialog should pop up. Select the same computers that you have in your existing farm and click ok.
    c. A new farm should be appear in the list of farms. Now select the newly added row in the table and click in the "port" column to edit the value. Change the port to 0 and click outside the edit box or press enter.
    d. Save the environment and follow the steps to update the runtime (i.e. stop all the components, copy the updated environment over to /etc/HPCCSystems on all the nodes, restart all the components e.t.c)
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Thu Mar 08, 2012 1:34 pm Change Time Zone

That worked perfectly. Well, I can't really vouch for Roxie On Demand working the way it is supposed to, but at least my orphaned workunits are gone.


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