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spray csv,spray xml succeed ,but can not identify any record

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Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:32 am Change Time Zone

Hi :
I create a csv and a xml file ,after I sprayed them ,in the ECL Watch--> Browse Logical Files,the records count value under the "Records" column is empty .And of cause ,I get errors when I read them by ECL code .I have a question : What kind of csv file ,xml file ,fixed file is available for HPCC System ? What's the standard ? How can I know my file is not readable before spraying?
Any guidance ?
regards !
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Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:16 pm Change Time Zone

What is the error that you are seeing in ECL code?

The job of a spray is to get a file from the landing zone and distribute it to the cluster. Each setting, from the row tag in XML and the separators and terminators in the CSV spray can have a big effect on what you see.

The only reason that you see records in a fixed length spray is a result of a simple math operation - taking the file size and dividing it by the record length that you enter.

In nearly all cases, the RECORD and DATASET statements in your ECL code should match the parameters of your spray. So when you say that the file is not readable, you have just defined it incorrectly. :-)

What kind of csv file ,xml file ,fixed file is available for HPCC System ?

CSV is any variable length file
XML is any file that contains well-formed XML
Fixed files conform to a fixed length record file, but when nested child datasets are added, a THOR file can also be variable length.


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