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Scheduling jobs

Questions or comments around migrating data or applications from the mainframe

Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:35 am Change Time Zone


I come from AS/400 background. Mainframe guys might also have a similar question regarding scheduling jobs.

1. Lets say i have a COBOL program that is basically a report and at the end of it, it calls a job, how do i replicate this in HPCC. I would write a ELC program similar to the report but how do i invoke the mainframe job from the HPCC environment or through ECL ?

2. Overnight jobs have a lot of reports running in mainframe. These jobs are scheduled using Control M scheduler. How can i replicate this in HPCC ? How can i schedule an ECL job to run, say at 1 am ?

The answers for these questions or an alternate approach would help us a lot to know what can and what cannot be done when taking up migration projects, dealing with either mainframe or AS/400.

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Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:55 pm Change Time Zone

Hi Sunil,

The answer is YES!, HPCC and ECL indeed support job scheduling. Some ECL developers live by it :-)

The ECL Scheduler is a component process installed with the HPCC system platform. It is typically started up with the platform. An interface to the scheduler is available through ECL Watch. The ECL Scheduler interface allows you to see a
list of scheduled workunits. It can also trigger an event. An Event is a case-insensitive string constant naming the event to trap.

A command line tool is available on the server installed in /opt/HPCCSystems/bin.

ECL Scheduling
ECL Scheduling provides a means of automating processes within ECL code or to chain processes together to work in sequence.

For example, you can write ECL code that watches a landing zone for the arrival of a file, and when it arrives, sprays it to Thor, processes it, builds an index, and then adds it to a superfile.

How it Works
ECL Scheduling is event-based. The ECL Scheduler monitors a Schedule list containing registered Workunits and Events and executes any Workunits associated with an Event when that Event is triggered.

You write ECL Code that will execute when an Event is triggered. You can also write code to trigger an Event.

Submit code containing a WHEN clause and the Event and Workunit is registered in the Schedule list. When that Event is triggered, the Workunit is compiled and executed. If the Workunit is completed, ECL Scheduler removes it from the Schedule list.

For example, if you submit a Workunit using WHEN('Event1','MyEvent', COUNT(2)) in the appropriate place, it will execute twice (The value of COUNT) before the ECL Scheduler removes it from the Schedule list and the Workunit is marked as completed.

I believe that more documentation regarding the ECL Scheduler is due for release very soon. See the Language Reference manual for WHEN, NOTIFY, EVENT, and CRON.


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Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:47 am Change Time Zone

Thank you bforeman. The details provided will be really useful for any migration projects. Good to know that the document on scheduling is due for release very soon. Eagerly waiting for it.

Thanks you.
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