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Amazon AWS - Single node in cluster fails to start

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Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:51 pm Change Time Zone

Under some circumstances, Thor will not start if the Thormaster is on the same node as the Dropzone. If Thor fails to start and you have already configured your system, please do the following on the node containing the dropzone:

sudo -u hpcc /opt/HPCCSystems/sbin/ -a hpcc-init stop
sudo chown --recursive hpcc /mnt
sudo -u hpcc /opt/HPCCSystems/sbin/ -a hpcc-init start

If you have not configured your cluster yet, to avoid this known issue please use the following updated steps instead of the section from the beta1 documentation:

If you are using an Instance Store AMI, as recommended, you must tell the HPCC Systems Thor Platform where your instance storage is located.

In the Configuration Manager browser window:

• Press the Advanced View button.
• Check the Write Access checkbox at the top to enable write-mode.
• Click on the Directories link on the left.
• Prepend the following directories with /mnt

    • temp
    • data
    • data2
    • data3
    • mirror
    • query
• Click on the Drop Zone link on the left and change the directory entry to /mnt/mydropzone.
• Click on the Save icon at the top.
• Close this browser window or tab.

If the situation arises where the thorslave does not start, a restart of the whole system might be needed.

Please refer to the new version of the Beta 2 documentation:
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