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Using hpccsystems AMI

Questions or comments related to Cloud Computing and the HPCC Systems Instant Cloud for AWS

Fri May 11, 2012 6:51 pm Change Time Zone

I am new to both HPCC and Amazon Web Services, so please excuse the very elementary questions.

I'm also accessing the account through a linux laptop (not windows), in case that is relevant.

I've managed to launch an instance in AWS using the public hpcc AMI (version 3.6.0).

I can connect through a terminal and navigate the shell locally. I was able to run the configuration manager and access it through a browser, per the instructions in <>, but these instructions seem to assume that I'm starting with a bare-bones linux AMI.

Am I correct in assuming that the hpcc-systems-community-3.6.0-1-ubuntu-yadda-yadda AMI is already configured?

I have more questions, but they all hinge on the answer to the one above.

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Fri May 11, 2012 8:22 pm Change Time Zone

Hi Eric,

You are correct. The detailed instructions you found are designed to walk you through a configuration process for a Thor Cluster on Amazon from beginning to end. As you mentioned, it assumes you start with a bare-bones Ubuntu AMI.

It sounds like you also found the AMI we use to support our One-Click Thor portal. You can find the One-Click Thor Portal at

The easiest way to configure a Thor Cluster on Amazon is to use our One-Click Thor portal. You can usually have a single or multi-node cluster provisioned, configured, tested, and running in under 5 minutes. I recommend you try the One-Click Thor portal first before attempting to configure a cluster on your own. You may not even need to do the latter. You can always come back to the PDF when you want more insight into cluster configuration.

The AMI you found is intended to be used with the portal I mentioned and is not configured "out of the box".

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