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Want to contribute? Hints on how to get started.

A place for developers to ask questions about contributing to the open source code base

Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:21 am Change Time Zone

Do you want to contribute to the HPCC Systems Open Source Project? We'd love to hear from you and see your ideas and solutions whether you are a new or current user of HPCC Systems. We have some resources available which will help you get started if you are new. If not, and you want to look for ideas to code here are some ways to get started quickly:

  • Take a look at our GSoC 2016 Ideas list here: While this list was compiled support our GSoC and Summer Internship Programs, any idea on this list is suitable and available for anyone who wants to contribute a solution. Some ideas are not fully formulated, others also shows the name of an HPCC Systems developer to contact, so you can discuss your ideas.

  • Go to our community issue tracker: Create yourself an account and search for any issues assigned to Available for Anyone. Post any questions you have in the issue or discuss ideas on the developer forum on this website.

Welcome to any students who are interested in working on a project shown on our GSoC/Interns Ideas List. But don't just look at this list, go and look at the rest of the GSoC/Intern wiki too. There is a lot of information in there about the students programs, projects on offer as well as links to other information you might useful:

While the student application period for GSoC does not open until 14th March 2016 and our internships don't start again until next June, this is a good time to familiarize yourself with the projects on offer in 2016. Check out the details provided including the deliverables. Where relevant, links to other resources you might find useful are also provided. Each project has already been assigned a mentor who is an expert in that area of our system. Email details are provided so you can contact them for more information. Keep checking back, there are more ideas to come.

You may have your own project idea. If so, we'd love to hear about it. Email [email protected] with details.

Next steps...
Go ahead, download the system and play around with it. There are downloads here: ... r-platform. But we think you're going want to delve down into the code, in which case you will want to download and build the system yourself using the instructions on our development wiki here: ... lding-HPCC.

Once you have your system up and running, there are plenty of examples you can use to see what the system can do. Try out the HPCC Data Tutorial, ... rial-guide or the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon example, ... cl-example. You will need to download the ECL IDE to do this which you can get here: ... ls/ecl-ide.

Then you may want to learn a bit of ECL. Have a go at the Introduction to ECL online training course. You will need to sign up first which you can do here: ... ng-classes. If you decide you want to graduate onto any of the more advanced courses, we will supply you with a promotional code so that you can take it for free. To get a promotional code, email [email protected]. Be prepared to provide proof of your student status.

Feel free to post comments or questions relating to GSoC here in the specific GSoC forum. You can also use the developer forums to post comments and questions about project ideas.

Here are the contact details for the GSoC/Internship administrative organisers for HPCC Systems in case you have any general questions about the programs.

Be inspired by the work completed by our students of 2015:

Trish McCall - [email protected]
Lorraine Chapman - [email protected]
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