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Import two local git repositories into one project.

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Wed Jun 04, 2014 5:49 pm Change Time Zone

Has anyone had any luck importing two or more local git repositories into a single project?

I could import one but not two. The second, I had to import it as a File System.
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Thu Jun 05, 2014 1:49 pm Change Time Zone

[The following "help" is generic to eclipse and not specific to the ECL Plugin]

What catches me each time I try to import a git repository, is that it looks like it works, but doesn't show up in my "Package Explorer" (or ECL Explorer).

It turns out they are imported into the "Git Repositories" view!

So for sanity, show the Git Repositories View: Window->Show View->Other...->Git->Git Repositories

In that window you may find some repos that you imported previously, or it might be empty.

Import some git repositories (you can import from local git repositories as well as remote ones).

Once you have some repositories right click on the repository you want in your Explorer view and select "Import Projects..."

If you repositories have an eclipse project in them already select "Import Existing Projects". If not select "Import as general project".

The should now appear in your "Explorer" view!

Finally, if this imported folder contains ECL, you can convert it to an ECL project by right clicking and selecting "Convert to ECL Project".

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