Sun Aug 14, 2022 3:37 am
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Realtime insert/update operation with JDBC on roxie

Topics around the use of the JDBC driver for HPCC Systems

Fri Apr 22, 2022 9:24 am Change Time Zone

Hi Team,

After research I came to know that HPCC can process million of data in real time with less time. I am trying to evaluate a process to do real time data insert or modify with jdbc driver in java. But no luck to crack for real time data writing using jdbc driver. I did it for read/select operation and it works.

Can any one please help here to workout.

We are working with JDBC driver to fetch data from logical file in java.

Below are snap from our code-

String sqlQuery ="select * from tutorial::yn::transactions"; connection = new Connection("http://localhost:8510");
HPCCWsSQLClient mywssqlclient = HPCCWsSQLClient.get(connection);
System.out.println(mywssqlclient.getResults(mywssqlclient.executeSQLWUIDResponse(sqlQuery, "roxie", ""), 0, 50));

Till now we are ok with fetching data from file but we have real time requirement of INSERT/UPDATE operations on existing data of file.

Can someone please suggest us that we can support realtime INSERT/UPDATE operation on logical file?
If yes then how can we fulfill our requirements?
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