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ECL Bundles competition 2013!

Discuss and share ideas around ECL Bundle support which is a framework for creating and managing installable ECL code components

Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:34 pm Change Time Zone


In order to introduce the new bundle system in version 4.0 of the HPCC platform, we are encouraging attendees to the 2013 LexisNexis® Risk Solutions HPCC Engineering Summit to write their own bundles, the best of which will be added to a central 'Approved bundles' repository (and thus be available for any ECL programmer to use).

NOTE: the very best of these will win prizes at the summit.

In the simplest terms, a bundle is just an ECL module, together with the metadata (defined by an exported ECL attribute called Bundle) required by the ECL bundle tool to properly install it. Bundles may have dependencies on other bundles (which the ECL bundle tool will check), and may specify versions, copyrights, etc. Bundles are designed to be distributed either as a single .ECL file (for the simplest cases), or as a source directory (optionally compressed into a zip or tgz file).

A good bundle does a single thing well, with a consistent, well-defined, documented interface that is easy to use.

One or more example bundles supplied by the judges will be placed in the ecl-bundles repository before the competition is launched.


The competition is open to all conference attendees, other than the judges.

Submitted bundles must be able to be cleanly installed on an HPCC 4.0.0 community edition system.

Bundles should be submitted as pull requests to the GitHub 'ecl-bundles' repository, ( While you CAN wait until the last minute to submit your pull request, it is strongly recommended that you submit them early and get feedback from other entrants, judges, and anyone else that might be watching the repository. Bear in mind that this is a public repository, so please don't submit code that is LN-proprietary, and most definitely do not include any PII data in your submissions.

Cooperation is encouraged, and a bundle may be entered into the competition with multiple listed authors. Feel free to ask anyone, including the judges, for advice and assistance in creating or designing your bundle, and to comment on pull requests from other entrants.


All submissions must be sent as pull requests to the ECL Bundles Github repository ( by 9/3/2013 to be considered for this contest.

The winners will be announced at the LexisNexis HPCC Systems Summit 2013 event, in September.


Richard Chapman, David Bayliss, Jill Luber, and Flavio Villanustre.

Judging criteria

Entries will be judged on usefulness, cleanliness, style, maintainability and efficiency, as the judges see fit.

Any entry that meets the judges' minimum criteria (and does not duplicate functionality) will be merged into the github repository, (, and thus made available for use by the ECL community.

Teams submitting entries with potentially duplicate or overlapping functionality are encouraged to cooperate to form a single 'best of breed' entry for the central repository.


Anyone whose bundle is accepted into the 'Approved bundles' repository gets an iTunes voucher.

The authors of the best bundles get an iPad mini!
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Community Advisory Board Member
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Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:51 am Change Time Zone

We have our first entry! Head over to to see the submission from Gordon.

Note that early submission of pull requests is very much encouraged - that way you can get code-reviewed and have a chance to correct any issues ahead of judging time. Judging will take into account the development process as well as the end-product, so get collaborating!
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Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:29 pm Change Time Zone

I know the deadline for issuing a pull request was Sept. 3, but what is the deadline for code freeze? Feedback causes some code changes as well as simply the developer coming up with new ideas. Is there a deadline for stopping changes so the bundles can be officially judged?


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