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Community Edition 4.0 now available

Latest news about general information and events

Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:21 pm Change Time Zone

The HPCC Systems Community Edition 4.0 includes many features and enhancements such as:
ECL Language improvements including DICTIONARY - an efficient in-memory lookup from keys to values that is useful for implementing lookup tables, associative arrays, and other purposes;

The ability to embed Python, Javascript and R code within ECL, and to call external Java code simply from ECL programs;

Eclipse Language Plugin gold version which adds ECL awareness and HPCC Systems Platform integration to the Eclipse IDE allowing the user to manage the entire ECL life cycle from remotely writing and syntax checking ECL to submitting and monitoring ECL Workunits on the HPCC Systems Platform all from within the Eclipse IDE;

Roxie package file improvements and additional functionality to assist in the support of Roxie queries;

Bundle support which is a framework for creating and managing installable ECL code components;

Technical preview of the new ECL Watch that uses the latest web technologies to deliver a simpler, more consistent user experience and provides a solid base and easier development life cycle for future web based user interfaces;

Machine Learning improvements made to the ML.Regression library containing a new version of linear regression that uses the BLAS libraries for the matrix calculations;

Roxie now supports direct access to queries via JSON (in addition to SOAP) adding the ability to call Roxie queries using standard JSON over HTTP as an alternative to SOAP;

And more! A comprehensive list of changes is available in the Release Notes: ... imitations
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Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:13 am Change Time Zone

1,Provide more detailed docs about architecture and it's implementation

You guys provided some docs,and few of them talk about architecture:what components exists primarily,but they can be taken as brief introductions only.What we really want to get are tow docs about:1,calculation model introduction,like google's paper's did;2,implementation details, like chapters 1~8 of <<Hadoop:The Definitive Guide>> did.If these cost time.would you please provide two detailed docs about 1, Detailed component's functions(Some thing can be found on wp_introduction_HPCC.pdf,but it is too simple) introduction; 2, Typical work-flow introduction:how and where data is prepared,distributed and computed and collected,by who and what format.These two will help CIO/CTOs to make decision from deeper level.

2,Don't take too much energy on java.

Java can decrease development cost but increase running cost.For not so large system,it is worth using it,but for larges,cost equation: x*RC+y*DC=TC(here,RC=running cost,dc=develop cost,tc=total cost,x=server count,y=developer count) changed.So when we start our own business,we try our best to de-javaing,use golang(it is growing quickly) as server side language and try different computing frameworks.Most of our members have >8 years experience on java,and after one week,we are all quite comfortable with ecl,so client language is a problem,but not so big. By the way,you can't use java to beat a java based ecosystem, but better focusing on you own strengths:better performance,make it "more" better.And maturity,your IDE,configuration and management tools are quite good.

2,No (dedicated) docs to talk about how to develop plugins for HPCC.

If you want to an ecosystem,you need plugins.So if possible,provide a good doc on plugin development.

3,Provide html based doc.
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Sat Mar 14, 2015 6:45 am Change Time Zone

When do you plan to publish the source code? Am I right, it's not available so far???

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Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:02 pm Change Time Zone


The source code is indeed available in our GitHub repository. (Our latest gold version is 5.0.6.):

You can view all the available releases here: ... r-platform

Our next release is 5.2 and a Release Candidate is available here:

You can read about the new features and enhancements expected in the 5.2 version in our Blog: ... systems-52

Thank you for your interest!
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