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How Soapcall passes data into Roxie service?

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Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:27 pm Change Time Zone

In a typical SOAPCALL below:

result := SOAPCALL(ds, url, svc, inRecord, t(LEFT),DATASET(outRecord));

'svc' is the Roxie service that uses "STORED" to retrieve 'inRecord' passed by SOAPCALL. Here are my questions that I can't find a clean answer from manuals:

1. How SOAPCALL passes inRecord to "STORED"?
I assume after WsECL receives the soap call, then WsECL stores 'inRecord' somewhere so that Roxie can retrieve? If so, where is the data stored? On disk where Roxie workunit runs? Does WsECL write to the disk directly or go through another service?

2. How does Roxie retrieve "STORED" data?
Is there a registry managing "STORED" variables for Roxie to look up? Does Roxie read from disk directly?

3. How does Roxie service execute?
Does Roxie service listen to a port in order to receive a call from WsECL or go through another kind of communication? When result is returned from SOAPCALL, is the result passed back by using the same "STORED" mechanism or something different?
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Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:23 pm Change Time Zone


The set of articles in the Working With Roxie section of the Programmer's Guide should answer these questions.

You can access the Programmer's Guide by pressing F1 in the ECL IDE -- the IDE's help file contains three complete books: the ECL Language Reference, the Standard Library Reference, and the Programmer's Guide.

Please come back with any additional questions you may still have if you don't find all the answers there.


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