Mon May 23, 2022 2:57 pm
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System error: 28

Comments and questions related to the Enterprise Control Language

Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:51 pm Change Time Zone


I am trying to run a simple output and keep getting this error.
Error: System error: 28: copyFile target=/var/lib/HPCCSystems/dllserver/temp/libW20171121-164857.so__CsFAD8cDAQD-WBRa7I4BAAAA.tmp source=//; read/write failure (28): (0, 0), 28,

Code here
Code: Select all
hmlr_rec := RECORD
  string2 src;
  string4 src_sub;
  string64 id;
  unsigned8 _value;
  string20 date;
  string10 postcode_original;
  string8 postcode;
  string1 propertytype;
  string1 newprop;
  string1 tenure;
  string64 address1;
  string32 address2;
  string64 address3;
  string64 address4;
  string64 address5;
  string4 ppd_category_type;
  string4 flag;
  string10 row_status;
  string25 last_updated;
  unsigned4 file_created_date;
  unsigned4 urn_new;
  unsigned8 row_id;
  unsigned8 unique_hash;
  unsigned6 addr_id;
  string128 org_name;
  string64 building_name;
  string64 building_number;
  string64 dept_street;
  string10 dept_street_type;
  string64 street;
  string10 street_type;
  string64 dept_locality;
  string64 locality;
  string64 town;
  string20 unit_desig;
  string10 unit_number;
  string3 post_area;
  string2 post_district;
  string2 post_sector;
  string2 post_unit;
  string150 unmatched_address;
  string2 dps;
  string5 pre_direction;
  string5 post_direction;
  string25 region;
  real8 latitude;
  real8 longitude;
  string25 country;
  string5 error_code;

FileName := '~tracesmart::base::hmlr::hmlr::prod';
File := dataset(filename,hmlr_rec,thor);

What could be my problem?


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Fri Dec 01, 2017 4:08 pm Change Time Zone

Hi Katy,

Did you figure this out yet? Could it be that you did not have rights to access that cluster?


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Community Advisory Board Member
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Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:51 am Change Time Zone

I am seeing this error occasionally, too. If this error code 28 is being returned by the operating system during a write call, it means "no space left on device".
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