Mon Nov 29, 2021 9:40 pm
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Building Persist file error

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Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:19 pm Change Time Zone

I am running my code in ECL Watch and I get the following error:
Building PERSIST('ONLINE::MV::PERSIST::PeopleVehicles__p307348277'): It hasn't been calculated before

/********the code**********/
/***** People file********/
PeopleLayout := RECORD
STRING15 firstname;
STRING25 lastname;
STRING15 middlename;
STRING2 namesuffix;
STRING8 filedate;
STRING1 gender;
STRING8 birthdate;

PeopleFile := DATASET('~ONLINE::MV::AdvECL::People',PeopleLayout,THOR);

VehicleLayout := RECORD
UNSIGNED8 personid;
STRING2 orig_state;
UNSIGNED2 year_make;
STRING5 make_code;
STRING4 vehicle_type;
STRING3 model;
STRING5 body_code;
STRING1 vehicle_use;
STRING3 major_color_code;
STRING3 minor_color_code;
UNSIGNED2 model_year;
STRING3 vina_series;
STRING3 vina_model;
STRING2 vina_body_style;
STRING36 make_description;
STRING36 model_description;
STRING25 body_style_description;
STRING2 number_of_cylinders;
STRING4 engine_size;
STRING1 fuel_code;
UNSIGNED4 vina_price;
STRING1 history;
STRING5 best_make_code;
STRING3 best_series_code;
STRING3 best_model_code;
STRING5 best_body_code;
UNSIGNED2 best_model_year;
STRING3 best_major_color_code;
STRING3 best_minor_color_code;
STRING8 purch_date;

VehicleFile := DATASET('~ONLINE::MV::AdvECL::Vehicle',VehicleLayout,THOR);
PropertyLayout := RECORD
UNSIGNED8 personid;
INTEGER8 propertyid;
STRING10 house_number;
STRING10 house_number_suffix;
STRING2 predir;
STRING30 street;
STRING5 streettype;
STRING2 postdir;
STRING6 apt;
STRING40 city;
STRING2 state;
STRING5 zip;
UNSIGNED4 total_value;
UNSIGNED4 assessed_value;
UNSIGNED2 year_acquired;
UNSIGNED4 land_square_footage;
UNSIGNED4 living_square_feet;
UNSIGNED2 bedrooms;
UNSIGNED2 full_baths;
UNSIGNED2 half_baths;
UNSIGNED2 year_built;

PropertyFile := DATASET('~ONLINE::XXX::AdvECL::Property',PropertyLayout,THOR);

TaxdataLayout := RECORD
INTEGER8 propertyid;
STRING4 document_year;
UNSIGNED4 total_val_calc;
UNSIGNED4 land_val_calc;
UNSIGNED4 improvement_value_calc;
UNSIGNED4 assd_total_val;
UNSIGNED4 tax_amount;
UNSIGNED4 mkt_total_val;
UNSIGNED4 mkt_land_val;
UNSIGNED4 mkt_improvement_val;
UNSIGNED4 tax_year;
UNSIGNED4 land_square_footage;
UNSIGNED4 adjusted_gross_square_feet;
UNSIGNED4 living_square_feet;
UNSIGNED2 bedrooms;
UNSIGNED2 full_baths;
UNSIGNED2 half_baths;
UNSIGNED2 stories_number;

TaxdataFile := DATASET('~ONLINE::MV::AdvECL::Taxdata',TaxdataLayout,THOR);

CombPeopleVehicles := RECORD
UNSIGNED1 ChildVCount;
DATASET(VehicleLayout) VehicleRecs{MAXCOUNT(20)};

CombPeopleVehicles ParentMove(PeopleLayout L) := TRANSFORM
SELF.ChildVCount := 0;
SELF.VehicleRecs := [];
SELF := L;

ParentOnly := PROJECT(PeopleFile, ParentMove(LEFT));

CombPeopleVehicles ChildMove(CombPeopleVehicles L,VehicleLayout R,INTEGER C) := TRANSFORM
SELF.ChildVCount := C;
SELF.VehicleRecs := L.VehicleRecs + R;
SELF := L;

DenormPeopleVehicles := DENORMALIZE(ParentOnly, VehicleFile, = RIGHT.personid, ChildMove(LEFT,RIGHT,COUNTER))

: PERSIST('ONLINE::MV::PERSIST::PeopleVehicles');

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Fri Nov 16, 2018 5:46 pm Change Time Zone

That is NOT an error, that is simply a message that notifies you that a PERSIST file was successfully built.


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