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Check if two record structure match

Comments and questions related to the Enterprise Control Language

Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:37 pm Change Time Zone

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get_ThorFile_Info(STRING filename,STRING pcluster = '',STRING pesp = _Control.ThisEnvironment.ESP_IPAddress) := FUNCTION

DFUDefFileRequest  := RECORD, MAXLENGTH(100)
         STRING  Name              {XPATH('Name'               )} := filename;
         STRING  Format            {XPATH('Format'             )} := 'xml';
   DFUDefFileRecord := RECORD, MAXLENGTH(100000)
   STRING defFile     {XPATH('defFile'   )};
   results := SOAPCALL(''+ port + '/WsDfu'
RETURN results;

file1 := '~thor::base::cd::superfile::somefile';

string get_data := get_ThorFile_Info(file1)[1].defFile;

Data out := STD.Str.DecodeBase64(get_data);

That did the trick to get the data from the soap call. Unfortunately, there is still to much of a difference between child datasets. Recordof(dataset) counts every column as its own in seq. The logical file treats each child dataset as its own. So I still need the change requested.
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