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pyembed: No module named 'numpy'

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Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:33 pm Change Time Zone

I am trying tutorials for GNN bundle, under that I tried to create a tensorData as per the below tutorial:

I am not using the EMBEDED(Python) feature right now, just trying to execute the following code:
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tensData1 := DATASET([{[1,2], 1},
                         {[2,1], 2},
                         {[2,2], 3}],

myTensor := Tensor.R4.MakeTensor([2,2], tensData1);

tensData2 := Tensor.R4.GetData(myTensor);


But getting the following error:
<Exception><Source>eclagent</Source><Message>System error: 0: Graph graph1[14], externalprocess[18]: SLAVE #1 []: pyembed: No module named &apos;numpy&apos;, - caused by (0, pyembed: No module named &apos;numpy&apos;)</Message></Exception>

Am I missing something on my cluster?
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Wed Jun 10, 2020 12:48 pm Change Time Zone

Hi Gurman,
It's possible that the Tensor MODULE makes use of the Python embeds, so you need to have Python3 installed on your target cluster.

Your HPCC Systems administrator with administrator’s rights can install Tensorflow and Python3, or do it yourself on a HPCC VM as shown here:

1. On Ubuntu, first refresh the APT (Advanced Package Tool) repository:
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sudo apt update

2. Install Python3 if not already installed:
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sudo apt install python3

3. Install pip3 (Python3 package installer) – this will take a few minutes
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sudo apt install python3-pip

4. Install tensorflow for all users.  This is the recommended approach, since it needs to be available to the hpcc user as well as the current user.  The –H sudo option is necessary in order to have it installed globally:
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sudo –H pip3 install tensorflow

Finally, the setuptest.ecl file found in the Test directory of the GNN bundle will verify that Python3 and Tensorflow are correctly installed on each Thor node.


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