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Has Anyone tried to run ECLIDE with wine?

Topics specific to the use of the ECL IDE

Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:55 pm Change Time Zone

I'm trying to setup a dev environment on my Ubuntu 10.10 workstation. I downloaded the HPCC VM and it runs without any problems, but when I tried to download ECL IDE and run it I noticed it was only for Windows. I prefer to not have two separate dev machines so I tried installing ECL IDE with wine which worked. However, when I tried to actually run it with wine the clicking on any of the drop down menus brought up solid black pages, and trying to open up a new builder window crashed it.

Has there been any luck getting this to work under Wine? Are there any alternatives to that I can use ECL IDE to program?
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Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:22 pm Change Time Zone

I did have success getting ECL IDE to run under Wine when I last tried it (several months ago), but I'm not a wine expert and I don't recall enough of the steps to give you step-by-step instructions. I don't remember there being any particular issues, though the ECL IDE setup has changed a bit since then.

You don't have to use ECL IDE if you prefer a different editor, though you'll lose the workunit and graph display integration. You can use eclcc to create archives and submit them for remote execution using eclplus.

We have an eclipse plugin at the proof-of-concept stage and will be working on polishing it up as soon as manpower is available.
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Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:59 pm Change Time Zone

The last time I tested, I created these notes (let me know how you get on),

The crash is caused by the lack of the msxml install.


1. Within the Synaptic Package Manager, select “wine1.2” (this corresponds to Wine version 1.1.31), install it and its dependencies.
2. Download msxml3.msi from Microsoft (latest at time of writing was Service Pack 7): ... laylang=en
3. Install msxml3.msi in Wine (just double click the msi file and Wine will install it).
4. Open “Configure Wine” (Applications/Wine/Configure Wine):
a. Select the Libraries tab.
b. In the “New override for library” drop down select “msxml3”.
c. Press the add button.
d. Ensure msxml3 is selected in the “Existing overrides” list box and press Edit.
e. Select the “Native (Windows)” option and press OK.
f. Click OK to close the Wine Configuration window.
5. Install the HPCC Client Tools (again just double click the SetupClientTools.msi file and Wine will install it).
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Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:49 pm Change Time Zone

i installed vmware player , hpcc image and i got ecl watch but i am struging for installation of ECL IDE. can any one give suggestion how to install ECL IDE in ubuntu 11.10.

i got error:

Dependency is not satisfiable: hpccsystems-platform

vmware player 4.0, hpcc3.4.0.1,and ECL IDE for Ubuntu11.10

Ranga Swamy
Ranga Swamy
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Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:37 pm Change Time Zone

Just to clarify.

Are you running the hpcc servers inside a VM on an Ubuntu host?

You are trying to install IDE in the Ubuntu host?

Assuming the above is correct I would suggest:
1. In Ubuntu host open FireFox and goto the ECL Watch page for the VM machine.
2. Locate "Resources" and download the EclIDE.msi from there
3. Follow the "wine" instructions above in this thread.

There is an eclipse plugin available, but it does not include the needed client compiler and the only way to get it on Linux is to install the entire hpcc-platform (assuming you have 64bit Linux).

Option 2:
If you are running Ubuntu 11.10 64bit on the host, just install and run the hpcc-platform natively, then the eclipse plugin will just use the native ECL compiler from that installation (and it runs faster etc.)...

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Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:03 am Change Time Zone

Hi GorDon

system configuration:
os : ubuntu 11.10.
ram size : 1.8 gb
processor: intel pentium.

softwares :
vmware player 4.0.

i am following above link, up to ECL watch i am done but after that i am struck while installing ECL IDE on ubuntu 11.10.

can you post another link which are related to ubuntu11.10 operating system.

i searched ,but i didn't got eclipse plugins for ECL compiler , can you please post the link.

Ranga Swamy
Ranga Swamy
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Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:14 am Change Time Zone

(ignoring the eclipse plugin for now as it won't help unless you are running the platform native on your machine).

Have you followed the "wine" instructions from this thread yet?
If so, just opening the SetupClientTools.msi should install the IDE on your machine.

(the msi file is downloaded from the VM by clicking on the "ECL IDE Installer" link in the EclWatch page).
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Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:14 am Change Time Zone


ECL IDE crashing Error:

i connected with server
usename : hpccdemo
password: hpccdemo

ok, now i connected ECL IDE with server

while opening a new file (ctrl+n), crashing the ECL IDE.
error Description:

ECLIDE.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module "C:\Program Files\HPCC Systems\HPCC\ECL IDE\CLIB.dll" at 0023:100417D8

os : ubuntu
wine version : wine-1.3.28
ECL IDE version : hpccsystems-clienttools-community_3.4.0-1

any one give suggestion on that
Ranga Swamy
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Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:19 am Change Time Zone

The common crash in wine is when the user has not installed the msxml setup from steps 2 + 3.

Can you double check your wine/msxml settings?

Also did you get the option to submit a crash report? If so either submit it directly or manually post the attached files and I will take a further look.

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Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:18 pm Change Time Zone

Looks like the link to msxml3 on the MS web site is dead. You can grab a copy from here: ... 31613.html
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