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A lot has happened in the last year which gives us good reason to celebrate this anniversary with great enthusiasm. Here are some highlights, from the many to be proud of, that I want to share with you…

In the last year, we have built on the 5.x.x series of releases completing many new features and improvements including adding to the list of third party languages, plugins and libraries now supported to include Cassandra, redis and memcached. In addition to this, the reading, writing and spraying of JSON files is now also supported. We’ve also integrated monitoring and alerting capabilities so you can keep a check on the health of your HPCC System and increase operational efficiency by pre-empting hardware issues and the ECL Watch facelift is almost complete. We have continued to extend and improve performance across our Roxie and Thor clusters.

In April this year, we launched a range of badges for use by our community members who leverage HPCC Systems®. High resolution versions of the badge most suited for your use are available for approved users. For more information, please contact

Collaborations, presentations and testimonials

HPCC Systems® team members have spoken at a number of industry events in the last year. Bob Foreman presented a tutorial on ‘Big Data Processing with Less Work and Less Code’ at the Big Data TechCon in Boston where we were also a sponsor in the Exhibit Hall and Jesse Shaw spoke at the Big Data and Business Analytics Symposium at Wayne State University. Presentations at meetups and other events are being delivered with increasing frequency in a variety of locations including Atlanta, Florida, Silicon Valley, Oklahoma, New York and more, while we also presented at the Alfresco Webinar with Forrester Research. We are now collaborating with more academic institutions than ever including Kennesaw State University, North Carolina State University and Georgia Tech. We are extremely pleased and excited to become an accepted organisation for Google Summer of Code this year.

It feels great that HPCC Systems® can rightfully take its place alongside some of the biggest names in the open source world. Our 2 GSoC students are working away at the projects they selected and you can read more about that here. Our internship program is also thriving. You can read about this year’s students and their projects here and also hear about the work the two students are completed as part of our partnership with ICHEC. In total, we have opened our doors to 6 students from around the world working on HPCC Systems® related projects over this summer.

So what does all this mean for us in terms of our market presence? Well, it can’t be a coincidence that after all this dedicated effort by the team, our social media presence is steadily growing, the number of registered users of our website has increased by one third and we are seeing more and more people taking our training classes both instructor led and online. The number of downloads of the Virtual Machine this year in comparison with last year has quadrupled which means that more people than ever are trying out HPCC Systems®. Users have also shared with us their experiences of how they have used HPCC Systems® in their research or to solve their Big Data problems. Find out what they have to say by listening to their testimonials.

Roll on to our 5th anniversary and the successes and achievements to come...

This really has been a great year worth celebrating! So what’s next? HPCC Systems® is a vibrant, growing project that has its sights firmly set on the future so there is still much to do. We are almost ready to graduate to the next generation of HPCC Systems® 6.0. But before we do, we have one last round of updates for you, so look out for the release of HPCC Systems® 5.4.0 over the summer. This release will include some code generator optimisations, some Thor performance improvements in the files services/child query handling area, Nagios integration into ECL Watch, some init system improvements as well as many fixes for issues and suggestions raised by you, our users. By late autumn, we will be ready to move on to HPCC Systems® 6.0 and we already have ideas waiting in the wings for HPCC Systems® 7.0.

So congratulations to the HPCC Systems® team and thank you to all our Partners, contributors and users. We couldn’t have done it without you!