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HPCC Systems blog contributors are engineers, data scientists, and fellow community members who want to share knowledge, tips, and other helpful information happening in the HPCC Systems community. Check this blog regularly for insights into how HPCC Systems technology can put big data analytics to work for your own needs.

Lorraine Chapman on 01/14/2021
As we start planning for Community Day 2021, our Community Day 2020 resources are still available. Perhaps you are an ECL developer, business partner or academic researcher, a student interested in joining our intern program looking for inspiration for a project idea, or a newcomer to HPCC Systems and want to learn more. Whatever your reason, there is something for everyone, so come on in!
Lorraine Chapman on 12/10/2020
We were delighted to be a sponsor at another CodeDay event in December 2020. HPCC Systems was represented by Bahar Fardanian and Arjuna Chala, who provided support to students taking part in our big data challenge. CodeDay events were held virtually in 2020 attracting more students than ever. Find out about this high school specific program and our involvement in the most recent CodeDay.
Lorraine Chapman on 12/03/2020
Our latest HPCC Systems Series 7 release, includes more progress made on Cloud Native platform as well as some features and enhancements that are just as relevant to our existing Bare Metal platform. This blog provides a whistle stop tour of the highlights included in HPCC Systems 7.12.x, bringing you up to date with the latest platform news from the HPCC Systems development team.
Gordon Smith on 12/01/2020
Throughout 2020, we have been adding new features and enhancements to our ECL Extension for VS Code and the latest version is available from the Visual Studio Marketplace. In this blog, Gordon Smith provides details of the feature highlights and enhancements recently added. These include simplified launch configurations, new workunit history view, a results viewer, access to additional resources such as bundles and client tools, the ability to insert record definitions, localisations to make this tool more accessible to those who speak a language other than English and a note about previously added Syntax Colouring that was adopted by GitHub earlier this year.
Cassandra Walker on 11/19/2020
One of the biggest concerns that we have in education is the safety of our school campuses. To address this problem, the American Heritage School robotics team developed an autonomous, mobile robot that gathers and provides vital information to school security personnel, and, if necessary, first responders. This blog details the facial recognition training project completed by HPCC Systems summer intern, Jack Fields, a 12th grade high school student at American Heritage School in Delray, Florida.
Lorraine Chapman on 11/17/2020
As we open the proposal period for our 2021 intern program, we have a message for students who are thinking of a career in software development or data science. Be inspired to join the HPCC Systems Intern Program. Read about the successes of our Class of 2020 interns. Learn about their projects, follow links to blog posts, GitHub repositories, presentations, posters and read mentor testimonials about the value added to our open source project by these hardworking, young developers.
Lucas Varella on 11/03/2020
Our 'Going Cloud Native' blog series continues with this demonstration, showing how to setup and deploy an HPCC Systems Platform Cluster on the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). This tutorial style blog is a truly collaborative effort featuring contributions from Lucas Varella who is an intern studying at the University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Brazil, our LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group colleagues, Hugo Watanuki and Xiaoming Wang and Akash Gheewala a Solutions Architect from Amazon Web Services.
Cassandra Walker on 10/23/2020
HPCC Systems is going cloud native, and the cloud development team has been active with projects related to the new” HPCC Systems cloud native platform.” A number of these projects were implemented by summer interns. This blog details the cloud platform projects completed by Jefferson “Jeff” Mao, a 12 grade high school student at Lambert High School in Suwanee, Georgia.
Lorraine Chapman on 10/21/2020
This blog was first released in 2016 and as you can imagine, since then, things have changed. We have added three new plugins (Spark, Kafka and Couchbase) and 4 add-ons/connectors (JavaScript library for communicating with ESP, Web data connector for Tableau, DFSClient and WSClient). Read this blog to get bang up to date with the embedded languages, plugins and connectors HPCC Systems supports.
Gavin Halliday on 10/08/2020
This blog contributes to our series focusing on using our new HPCC Systems Cloud native platform. It follows on from two previous blogs by Gavin Halliday on data storage and persisting data in our cloud native platform. In this blog, Gavin provides more information about Storage Planes and how to use them.