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HPCC Systems blog contributors are engineers and data scientists who for years have enabled LexisNexis customers to use big data to fulfill critical missions, gain competitive advantage, or unearth new discoveries. Check this blog regularly for insights into how HPCC Systems technology can put big data to work for your own organization.

Lorraine Chapman on 11/28/2018
Every year, students working on HPCC Systems related projects, enter this contest to showcase their achievements. This event is always a great eye opener. It attracts a very diverse range of projects which clearly demonstrate the hard work and dedication of each student. Our judges had a very difficult decision to make in choosing winners from the 10 students who presented at this year’s contest.
Lorraine Chapman on 11/22/2018
This is always a great event, bringing together a wide variety of our open source community users from LexisNexis Colleagues, academic and business partners, students from our intern program and our platform developers. It is an action-packed day from start to finish and our live feed allows those who can’t be there in person, to attend virtually. Walk through this exciting day with me as I revisit the day’s events.
Lorraine Chapman on 11/05/2018
We're are pleased to announce that HPCC Systems 7.0.0 Gold is now available for download! Read on to find out more and get all the information you need to take advantage of all the great new features and enhancements included in this major new release.
Lorraine Chapman on 11/01/2018
The proposal application period is now open for 2019 summer internships with the HPCC Systems development team. The final deadline for proposals is Friday 29th March 2019. Interested in joining the team for 12 weeks? Read on to find out more about our intern program and how to apply.
Lorraine Chapman on 06/04/2018

Systemd is a system start-up and process manager for Linux. In recent years, it has become the boot manager of choice on newer Linux distributions. It is one of many new features you can try out in our HPCC Systems 7.0.0 Beta version which we are preparing for release soon.

Lorraine Chapman on 03/28/2018

Having blogged about being a fly on the wall at a meeting of the European contingent of the HPCC Systems development team, it’s time to look through a window into the world of the  developer offsite meeting, which is attended by the wider HPCC Systems core development team. At these meetings, the Europeans are joined by a number of US based colleagues for these biannual, week long, residential gatherings.

Lorraine Chapman on 02/22/2018

Straight after the HPCC Systems Community Day Summit last October, I headed over to Kennesaw State University, College of Computing and Software Engineering with a group of HPCC Systems colleagues, for the launch of their first hackathon. It was our first hackathon too, so we were excited to meet the students and get started.

Lorraine Chapman on 11/17/2017

Jingqing Zhang is a PhD student studying at the Data Science Institute at Imperial College, London. He is currently working on a project which involves leveraging an HPCC Systems cluster with TensorFlowTM.

Lorraine Chapman on 10/16/2017

Our links and collaborations with a variety of academic institutions got us thinking how great it would be to invite students working on HPCC Systems related projects to showcase their work in the form of a poster presentation.

Lorraine Chapman on 09/21/2017

When working alongside a development team every day like I do, there is really very little mystique about how the team functions, communicates or works towards producing new releases. But it strikes me that those who primarily see the end result, may be curious about what happens behind the scenes.