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HPCC Systems blog contributors are engineers, data scientists, and fellow community members who want to share knowledge, tips, and other helpful information happening in the HPCC Systems community. Check this blog regularly for insights into how HPCC Systems technology can put big data analytics to work for your own needs.

Lorraine Chapman on 11/17/2020
The proposal application period for internships in 2021 is now open. The closing date for project proposals is Friday 19th March 2021. Time flies by fast and a good proposal may take a while to prepare, so get started now! Read on to find out everything you need to know about our intern program, how it works, what the experience is like and how to apply.
Lorraine Chapman on 11/17/2020
As we open the proposal period for our 2021 intern program, we have a message for students who are thinking of a career in software development or data science. Be inspired to join the HPCC Systems Intern Program. Read about the successes of our Class of 2020 interns. Learn about their projects, follow links to blog posts, GitHub repositories, presentations, posters and read mentor testimonials about the value added to our open source project by these hardworking, young developers.
Lorraine Chapman on 11/17/2020
HPCC Systems interns can choose whether to be office based or work remotely. In 2020, the platform team and all our interns worked remotely due to the impact of COVID-19 on office based working. HPCC Systems has been providing remote internships for 6 years now, so this isn't new to us and our support system for remote working interns is tried and tested. Find out how the support we provide keeps students engaged and provides a firm foundation for completing a successful internship project.
Lorraine Chapman on 10/21/2020
This blog was first released in 2016 and as you can imagine, since then, things have changed. We have added three new plugins (Spark, Kafka and Couchbase) and 4 add-ons/connectors (JavaScript library for communicating with ESP, Web data connector for Tableau, DFSClient and WSClient). Read this blog to get bang up to date with the embedded languages, plugins and connectors HPCC Systems supports.
Lorraine Chapman on 08/25/2020
Some of our Class of 2020 interns have been working on cloud specific projects, while others have added new items to their project task list which focus on setting up and testing HPCC Systems using different Cloud platforms. This blog shares the details of the valuable contributions our interns are making to this ongoing development project.
Lorraine Chapman on 07/30/2020
This blog features a student from our 2020 HPCC Systems intern program. Matthias Murray, joined us from New College of Florida, to work on a machine learning related project which will be a significant and popular contribution to our machine learning library. Read on to find out about Matthias's achievements as he introduces his project and demonstrates its potential.
Lorraine Chapman on 07/30/2020
The HPCC Systems Intern Program welcomed Nathan Halliday on to the team in the summer of 2020, to implement an upgrade to the Workflow Engine. In this blog, Nathan shares the details of the work involved, demonstrating how the end result provides a more flexible and contemporary solution. His valuable contribution to our open source project will make query run times shorter and will also allow queries performing several related tasks to run concurrently, which will be of particular interest to ECL developers.
Lorraine Chapman on 07/22/2020
Lohith Rajesh joined LexisNexis as an intern in the summer of 2020 working as a developer on the Real BI project. His contribution to this project involved implementing some features which greatly enhance the usability. In this blog, Lohith takes us through the work he has completed, demonstrating the value of the features to the end user.
Lorraine Chapman on 07/02/2020
Hot off the press, HPCC Systems 7.10.0 has gone gold! This is the second of our releases to include our cloud native platform ongoing development. Find out what's new in this release for you, whether you are a cloud native platform early adopter or long standing user of our bare metal HPCC Systems Platform.
Lorraine Chapman on 06/25/2020
The HPCC Systems Academic Program supports a number of educational establishments in the US, Asia and Europe whose research projects use data for good, find sustainable solutions and provide answers to questions relevant to today's world in industry and beyond. This spotlight series is designed to introduce our academic partners and their research projects to our open source community. This blog reviews the three projects that are being worked on by students at the Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering (RVCE), in Bengaluru, India.