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HPCC Systems blog contributors are engineers and data scientists who for years have enabled LexisNexis customers to use big data to fulfill critical missions, gain competitive advantage, or unearth new discoveries. Check this blog regularly for insights into how HPCC Systems technology can put big data to work for your own organization.

Lorraine Chapman on 03/11/2020
The HPCC Systems core developers gathered together to discuss future plans for the HPCC Systems platform. These offsite meetings happen twice a year, bringing together a team of developers that usually work remotely from each other in Europe and the USA. While the team meets regularly by conference call, these offsite meetings are the perfect opportunity to brainstorm uninterrupted in person. Lots of ground is covered during this offsite meeting week. Read on to find out more about the future plans for the HPCC Systems platform. 
Lorraine Chapman on 01/29/2020
Our annual Community Day Summit is an exciting event, rich in content, providing a wide range of learning and networking opportunities. Community Day is packed with presentations and breakout sessions while the day before, there is the opportunity to attend an ECL workshop and students from across our academic community present their work at our technical poster contest. Come and share our reflections on this event and watch the presentations for the first time or review them at your leisure!
Lorraine Chapman on 12/16/2019
This competition provides students working on HPCC Systems related projects with an opportunity to showcase their achievements. 13 students presented on projects ranging from platform related features and machine learning library contributions to interesting use cases and research results. Read on to meet the students and judges, see the posters and learn which were the winning entries.
Lorraine Chapman on 11/14/2019
The proposal application period for internships in 2020 is now open. The closing deadline for proposal applications is Friday March 20th 2020. But don't wait until the last minute! Read on to find out more about our intern program, how it works and how to apply.
Lorraine Chapman on 06/05/2019
Ten students are joining the team as part of the HPCC Systems Intern Program in 2019. This program now functions over three continents. We have 5 students joining from US based universities and 4 from India. This year, we have expanded the program into Europe and our first student from this continent joins us from the UK.
Lorraine Chapman on 03/12/2019
Our Academic Program supports a number pf PhD students in their research studies. This blog features the most recent work of Jingqing Zhang, a PhD student working in the Data Science Institute at Imperial College, London. At our last meeting, Jingqing took us through his plans for the coming months as he works to make progress on his latest project involving deep learning models.
Lorraine Chapman on 02/28/2019
2018 was another great year for our Academic Program. In total, we collaborated with 17 different academic institutions spread across the US, Asia and Europe. Every year, we sponsor PhD research projects, provide support to supplement curriculum content, host workshops, take part in hackathons, provide internship opportunities and our Academic Partners contribute to our community events. So much was achieved in 2018. Let's look at the highlights.
Lorraine Chapman on 11/28/2018
Every year, students working on HPCC Systems related projects, enter this contest to showcase their achievements. This event is always a great eye opener. It attracts a very diverse range of projects which clearly demonstrate the hard work and dedication of each student. Our judges had a very difficult decision to make in choosing winners from the 10 students who presented at this year’s contest.
Lorraine Chapman on 11/22/2018
This is always a great event, bringing together a wide variety of our open source community users from LexisNexis Colleagues, academic and business partners, students from our intern program and our platform developers. It is an action-packed day from start to finish and our live feed allows those who can’t be there in person, to attend virtually. Walk through this exciting day with me as I revisit the day’s events.
Lorraine Chapman on 11/05/2018
We're are pleased to announce that HPCC Systems 7.0.0 Gold is now available for download! Read on to find out more and get all the information you need to take advantage of all the great new features and enhancements included in this major new release.