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Submitted by SharonVan on 9 January 2020

February 20, 2020 - Webinar
11:00am EST

Join us as we continue this webinar series specifically designed for the community by the community with the goal to share knowledge, spark innovation, and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community.

This episode features students from our HPCC Systems academic community:

  • André Felipe Santos Martins, Student, Federal Institute of Espírito Santo (IFES) - Campus Serra, Brazil - Infrastructure analysis of elementary schools in Brazil using HPCC Systems

Based on the current context of the basic education in Brazil, this study aims to analyze the current infrastructure situation of primary schools across the country, by focusing on the conditions and resources that these institutions provide to their students and teachers, such as basic sanitation, transportation, and internet access. The data from this analysis can further highlight how the recent cuts in public investment can negatively affect even more schools in poor areas of the country, such as institutions located in indigenous reserves and rural areas that are difficult to access.

Starting from the principle that the public schools must provide good infrastructure conditions to their students, teachers and support staff in order for them to develop their educational activities accordingly, it is expected that the information gathered in this study will contribute for the promotion of public policies that guarantee quality education in all regions of Brazil.

  • Yash Mishra, PhD Student, Clemson University - Deploying HPCC Systems on Microsoft Azure

Yash Mishra is a graduate student in Computer Science at Clemson University. He received his B.S degree in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He is a Research Assistant at Data Intensive Computing Ecosystems (DICE) Lab at Clemson University, working under the supervision of Dr. Amy Apon. He has a growing interest in Cloud Computing, and architecting cloud-based solutions for domain specific workloads. He was introduced to HPCC Systems in the Cloud Computing Architecture class at Clemson and has been involved in identifying different configuration options to deploy HPCC Systems on commercial cloud.

In his new project, he is working on provisioning HPCC Systems on Microsoft Azure to test a custom data-intensive workload on the cloud.

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