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Submitted by admin on 6 April 2018

April 17, 2018 - Gainesville, FL

Note: Attendance is limited to University of Florida Students and Faculty only.

Join LexisNexis® for a Seminar at UF

Big Data Use Cases Leveraging the Open Source HPCC Systems Platform

During this presentation, we’ll introduce the audience through some of the use cases in Risk Management, Identity Verification and Fraud Detection from LexisNexis Risk Solutions that leverages the open source HPCC Systems Big Data platform and its declarative dataflow programming paradigm using the open ECL language. We’ll also cover analytical pipelines and machine learning on the open source HPCC Systems platform.

Topics include:
• Company Overview
• Introduction to the HPCC Systems platform
• Data Analysis with ECL
• Real World Data Problems and Solutions
• How Students can get Started

About the Speaker
Dr. Flavio Villanustre is CISO and VP of Technology for LexisNexis® Risk Solutions. He also leads the open source HPCC Systems® platform initiative, which is focused on expanding the community gathering around the HPCC Systems Big Data platform, originally developed by LexisNexis Risk Solutions in 2001 and later released under an open source license in 2011. Flavio’s expertise covers a broad range of subjects, including hardware and systems, software engineering, and data analytics and machine learning. He has been involved with open source software for more than two decades, founding the first Linux users’ group in Buenos Aires in 1994.

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