How To Contribute

The HPCC Systems team actively seeks contributions from the community. The contributions can be ECL examples, bundles, bug fixes, new features, documentation improvements, code improvements, bug reports and any kind of suggestions. Below are some examples of how to contribute: 

Ways to Contribute

  • Go to JIRA our Community Issue Tracker. Create yourself an account and search for any issues assigned to Available for Anyone. Post any questions you have in the issue or discuss ideas in the Developer Forum.
  • Take a look at our 2017 Google Summer of Code and HPCC Systems Intern Program project lists. All project ideas are suitable and available for anyone who wants to contribute a solution. Some ideas are not fully formulated, others also shows the name of an HPCC Systems developer to contact, so you can discuss your solution.
  • Have an idea and want to discuss it with an HPCC Systems developer? Email Lorraine Chapman who will help you get connected.
  • Already coded your idea? Then check it in as detailed below.

Bug Tracking and Software Tracking

For bug tracking and software tracking, please use JIRA:

  • The Jira issue tracker is at
  • To report an issue: Search first if possible
  • Interaction with GitHub: Use same ids on both Jira and GitHub if you can 

Code Release Process

  • Create a Github account (
  • Fork the HPCC-Platform (or other) repository
  • Clone your github repo to your development machine
  • Create a new branch
  • Make the changes, and commit them to the branch
  • Push the branch to your github repository
  • Issue a pull request
  • Get code reviewed
  • Code is merged!

Where To Get Help

Contribute to the RoadMap

The HPCC Systems team is always looking for contributors to the roadmap. View the HPCC Systems Roadmap. Interested in assisting on any of these items? Please contact us.