Adopting HPCC Systems and ECL – A User’s Perspective

We know our big data analytics solution makes it easy for users to get up and running fast. While we demonstrate this through our training courses, documentation, tutorials and blog, what can be better than hearing it from a user who wants to share their experience and tips to the rest of our open source community. In this blog, Akhilesh Badhri talks about his HPCC Systems and ECL adoption journey.

Optimizing the Cloud Operation Cost of HPCC Systems using Azure Spot Instance

Processing data on the cloud using Virtual Machines can be expensive. Luckily, Roshan Bhandari has been researching how to save a considerable amount of money by running your VM using Azure Spot instances. Knowing the right times of day and types of data to best utilize this resource can be instrumental in cost savings. Read on to find out more.



HPCC Systems Logs in the Cloud – Updated 26th Oct 2021

Log visualizations help identify, track and predict important events and trends on HPCC Systems clusters, by spotting interesting patterns and giving you visual clues which are easier to interpret than reading through the log file itself. Starting in HPCC Systems 8.0.0, a mechanism will be provided to deploy a lightweight Elastic Stack instance as a simple solution for the logs on-cloud processing challenges. In this blog, Rodrigo Pastrana walks through how to get started, view the logs, apply filter conditions and configure the Elastic Stack components.


Configuring a HashiCorp Vault as a Certificate Manager on HPCC Systems

Nikita Jha is a high school student, who joined the 2021 HPCC Systems Intern Program to complete a project focusing on applying docker image build and Kubernetes security principles to our new Cloud Native platform. This tutorial style blog covers the importance of certificate management and provides instructions for setting up and configuring a Hashicorp Vault.

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