Internship Program

Optimizing the Cloud Operation Cost of HPCC Systems using Azure Spot Instance

Processing data on the cloud using Virtual Machines can be expensive. Luckily, Roshan Bhandari has been researching how to save a considerable amount of money by running your VM using Azure Spot instances. Knowing the right times of day and types of data to best utilize this resource can be instrumental in cost savings. Read on to find out more.

Join the HPCC Systems team as an intern

The proposal application period for internships in 2022 is NOW CLOSED and will reopen for 2023 internships in the Fall. Read this blog to find out everything you need to know about our intern program, how it works, what the experience is like and how to apply. Prepare now and be ahead of the crowd for 2023. Look at our project list to get an idea of what you might like to contribute to our open source project.

Remote working as an HPCC Systems Intern – What’s it like?

HPCC Systems interns can choose whether to be office based or work remotely. In 2021, the platform team and all our interns worked remotely due to the impact of COVID-19 on office based working. HPCC Systems has been providing remote internships since it started, so this isn’t new to us and our support system for remote working interns is tried and tested. Find out how the support we provide keeps students engaged and provides a firm foundation for completing a successful internship project.

HPCC Systems Digital Badges 2021

Digital badges are awarded in recognition of the contribution and achievements of HPCC Systems community members and users. At Community Day 2021, we presented the 2021 Community Recognition, David Kan and Poster Contest Winner Awards. Many more are presented to those who complete courses in our Online Training Catalog. Start or add to your own collection!

Configuring a HashiCorp Vault as a Certificate Manager on HPCC Systems

Nikita Jha is a high school student, who joined the 2021 HPCC Systems Intern Program to complete a project focusing on applying docker image build and Kubernetes security principles to our new Cloud Native platform. This tutorial style blog covers the importance of certificate management and provides instructions for setting up and configuring a Hashicorp Vault.

Meet the 2021 HPCC Systems Interns

It’s that time of year again! The HPCC Systems Intern Program is well underway. In 2021, we have welcomed 12 students on to the program to complete a range of projects contributing to our open source platform and machine learning library. Now that the students are well into their project tasks, now is a good time to share progress made so far.

CodeDay and the HPCC Systems Intern Program – Supporting Young Coders

In 2020, we accepted a CodeDay student, Jefferson Mao, on to the HPCC Systems Intern Program. He will be rejoining the program in 2021 along with two other CodeDay participants, Alexander Parra and Eleanor Carl. Find out more about their involvement with CodeDay and their intern projects, which range from using Machine Learning, our Cloud Native platform and the HPCC Systems Covid-19 Tracker.