New HPCC Systems Podcast

At HPCC Systems we have been very busy finding better ways to communicate with our Community. As a result of this, we have just released the first edition of our official HPCC Systems podcast, in which the Host and our Program Manager, Trish McCall, has a conversation with our senior trainer Bob Foreman around different aspects of the HPCC Systems platform, the ECL data-intensive programming language and some other topics that we hope you will find interesting.

In upcoming editions, we plan on having guests (Hint, hint! Let us know if you would like to be one of them!) covering new developments and the roadmap for HPCC Systems, discussions on specific capabilities around Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, some coverage on SALT, our Scalable Automated Linking Technology, and much more.

For this first edition, Trish and Bob tried hard to keep the content under 30 minutes, which is just about perfect for a medium sized commute.

Don’t waste a minute and head over to our podcasts page, or find it in iTunes. Please send us feedback and don’t forget to rate it in iTunes, if you like it.

Flavio Villanustre