What People Say

Hear from the many developers, data scientists and academics that have come to rely on HPCC Systems to solve their big data challenges.

"We did the installation, we imported our data, and we absolutely loved it! We couldn’t believe the performance increases we had."
- David Dasher, Managing Director CPL Online
"As far as the capability of HPCC Systems, it far outweighs anything that is currently out there."
- Fujio Turner, Exabyte Big Data Founder
"The ability to use non-traditional programmers to actually execute on the platform really saved us a lot of manpower."
- Rob Bigini, VP of Operations Comrise
"Data sources, available to us for research, are in various sizes and formats. HPCC Systems has allowed us to integrate multiple sources of data under one platform. Being able to perform our analytics under one unified framework was very helpful."
- Michael Payne, Clemson University
"The ECL language proved to be very efficient in expressing complex concepts in few lines of code"
- Opera Solutions
"It is moving us forward in terms of the technologies that we are able to use in the Big Data Systems Lab at Clemson."
- Amy Apon, Clemson University
"We really like working with the HPCC Systems platform. I just like the whole concept of open source. It is very good for our research community."
- Vincent Freeh, North Carolina State University
"ECL is a fun language to learn and use."
- Chris Halverson, University of Virginia
"I would recommend that others consider HPCC Systems as an analytical tool for data, especially data that is complex and there is a need to integrate and curate data coming in from multiple sources."
- Linh Ngo, Clemson University
"I would highly recommend HPCC Systems because of its simplicity, its scalability, and the fun we actually had using it."
- Luc Pezet, Information Engineer Archway Health Advisors
"HPCC Systems is exactly designed for big data."
- Dr. Borko Furht, Florida Atlantic University
"There is a lot to like about HPCC Systems. It is very easy to deploy, so that is huge plus for the users."
- Mohammad Rashti, RNET Technologies