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Submitted by SharonVan on 23 April 2021

November 3, 9:00am - November 4, 5:00pm - Remote via Microsoft Teams

Note: Due to the continued need for social distancing the class will be held remotely via Microsoft Teams. Switching to the remote format, Part 2 classes will start earlier on Wednesday (9 AM), and will conclude on Thursday by 5 PM. When enrolling, please note this time change. Your instructor will send you a welcome email with details on what you will need after enrolling and login information before the class begins.

This course is the second in a two-part introductory series. People who attend the Introduction to ECL (Part 1) - Concepts and Queries class, should continue with this class.

This intermediate level class is for developers who want to extend their knowledge of ECL to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) any data with the HPCC Systems environment. Anyone planning to write and work with ECL code should attend this course.

Course Length: 2 days

Class Prerequisites: Students must have attended the the Introduction to ECL (Part 1) - Concepts and Queries training class. Students are welcome to bring their own laptops to take away the code and examples from the class.

Topics include:

  • Principles of ETL in ECL
  • The TABLE function (Memory Tables)
  • TRANSFORM functions (PROJECT, etc.)
  • Data Hygiene (Cleaning and Standardization)
  • Lookup Tables
  • OUTPUT to disk files
  • Simple JOINs
  • New! Data Patterns and Visualization

Class begins Wednesday at 9am and concludes at 5pm.
Class begins Thursday at 9am and concludes at 5pm.

RELX and LexisNexis employees should register using the approved promo code provided by their manager or contact

Click to enroll in Part 2.