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attribute := expression : ONCE ;

attributeThe name of the attribute.
expressionThe definition of the attribute.

The ONCE service allows you to specify that the code is to be executed only once at query load time.

This means a Roxie query will execute it only once even if the query is executed multiple times. For a Thor or hThor query, ONCE behaves the same as GLOBAL.


InlineDCT := DICTIONARY([{0 => 'Black' , 'Greys'},
                         {1 => 'Brown' , 'Earth'},
                         {2 => 'Red'   , 'Reds'},
                         {3 => 'White' , 'Greys'} ], 
                        {UNSIGNED code => STRING10 color ,STRING10 Tone}) : ONCE;

UNSIGNED v := 0 : STORED('v');


See Also: GLOBAL