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#ONWARNING(code, action);

codeThe number displayed in the "Code" column of the ECL IDE's Syntax Errors toolbox.
actionOne of these actions: ignore, error, or warning.

The #ONWARNING statement allows you to globally specify how to handle specific warnings. You may have it treated as a warning, promote it to an error, or ignore it. Useful warnings can get lost in a sea of less-useful ones. This feature allows you to get rid of the "clutter."

The ONWARNING workflow service overrides any global warning handling specified by #ONWARNING.


  #ONWARNING(1041, error);
       //globally promote "Record doesn't have an explicit
       // maximum record size" warnings to errors
  rec := { STRING x } : ONWARNING(1041, ignore);
       //ignore "Record doesn't have an explicit maximum
       // record size" warning on this attribute, only