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Cryptography Support

This section provides support to perform cryptographic functions on data in ECL.

Cryptographic Library Overview

There are three classes of Cryptographic Algorithms in the Cryptography library: Hashing functions, Symmetric-Key Algorithms, and Asymmetric-Key Algorithms.

Hashing Functions:

  • Useful to verify data integrity

  • Transforms large random sized data to small fixed size

  • Impossible to reverse a hash back to its original data (one-way)

  • Fast

See Also: SupportedHashAlgorithms

Symmetric-Key Algorithms:

  • Uses a single shared key to Encrypt/Decrypt data

  • Supports Block algorithms

  • Fast

See Also: SupportedSymmetricCipherAlgorithms

Asymmetric-Key Algorithms (Also known as Public-Key or PKI Algorithms):

  • Mathematically associated Public and Private Key Pair

  • Used to Encrypt/Decrypt data

  • Used to create Digital Signatures

  • Comparatively slower

See Also: SupportedPublicKeyAlgorithms