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External Files


STD.File.ExternalLogicalFileName( machineIP, filename )

machineIPA null-terminated string containing the IP address of the remote machine.
filenameA null-terminated string containing the path/name of the file.
Return: ExternalLogicalFileName returns returns a VARSTRING (null-terminated) value.

The ExternalLogicalFileName function returns an appropriately encoded external logical file name that can be used to directly read a file from any node that is running the dafilesrv utility (typically a landing zone). It handles upper case characters by escaping those characters in the return string.


IP   := '';
file := '/c$/training/import/AdvancedECL/people';
DS1  := DATASET(STD.File.ExternalLogicalFileName(IP,file),
        Training_Advanced.Layout_PeopleFile, FLAT);
//returns records from the external file