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The following system requirements detail what is needed to support the HPCC Systems Platform and ECL IDE included in the Community Edition. All binaries are built for 64-bit architecture.

Cluster Node Requirements

The HPCC Systems platform has been certified to run under the following Linux distributions:

Platform Compatibility
Commodity-off-the-Shelf Supported
CPU 64-bit Intel or AMD Supported
One 1 Gbit Ethernet Interface Supported
Memory per node 4GB Minimum
Disk Drives Two SATA or SAS recommended;
Size, depending on the Data size
Operating System
Linux* Supported
Windows XP/7, Server 2003** Supported
BSD Started, need community support
Binary packages are available for the following:
CentOS 5  
CentOS 6  
CentOS 7  
RedHat Enterprise 5  
RedHat Enterprise 6  
Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS)  
Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)  
Ubuntu 12.10  
Ubuntu 13.04  
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS  
Ubuntu 14.10  
Ubuntu 15.04  
Debian Squeeze  

Note: * Users can build the software from source code to run on other Linux distributions too. 64 bit builds are available but users can build a 32 bit version if preferred.
** We have used Windows internally extensively in the past. Binaries will not be released but the community can build now that the source code is available.

ECL IDE Requirements

Developer Workstation Compatibility
Commodity-off-the-Shelf Supported
Memory 2GB Required
4GB Recommended
Operating System
Windows Vista Supported
Windows 7 Supported
Native Linux In Development

Note: An ECL Extension for VS Code is available in beta.
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