Features and Benefits


HPCC Systems is a proven and battle-tested platform for manipulating, transforming, querying and warehousing big data. The platform is open source and provides everything you need to tackle big data problems in your organization. Key features of the platform are highlighted below.

Hardware and OS
  • Processing clusters using commodity hardware and high-speed networking.
  • Linux operating system.
Available Configurations
  • Thor, the Data Refinery, is the extraction, transformation and loading engine.
  • ROXIE, the Data Delivery Engine, provides high-performance online processing and data warehouse capabilities.
  • The two systems work together to provide an end-to-end solution for big data processing and analytics.
File Systems
  • Thor and ROXIE both feature distributed file systems.
  • Thor distributed file system (Thor DFS) is record-oriented and optimized for big data ETL (extract-transform-load).
  • ROXIE distributed file system (ROXIE DFS) is index-based and optimized for concurrent query processing.
Scalability and Performance
  • Horizontal scalability from one node to thousands of nodes.
  • Thor Data Refinery is capable of processing up to billions of records per second.
  • ROXIE Data Delivery Engine is capable of supporting thousands of users with sub-second response time, depending on the application.
Redundancy and Availability
  • Thor and ROXIE store file part replicas on multiple nodes to protect against disk or node failures.
  • Both systems are designed for resiliency and continued availability in event of hardware failures.
Programming Language
  • Enterprise Control Language (ECL) is designed specifically for processing big data.
  • Highly efficient—accomplish big data tasks with far less code.
  • Declarative, modular, extensible.
  • Graphical IDE supports coding, testing, debugging.
Extension Modules
  • Extension modules are available for web log analytics, natural language parsing, machine learning, data encryption, and more.
Web Services Platform
  • Enterprise Services Platform (ESP) enables end-user access to ROXIE queries via common web services protocols.
  • Supports SOAP, XML, HTTP, REST and JSON.
Administration Tools
  • Tools for environment configuration, job monitoring, system performance management, distributed file system management, and more.