Documentation Structure

This manual documents the Enterprise Control Language (ECL). ECL has been designed specifically for working with huge sets of data. This book is designed to be both a learning tool and a reference work and is divided into the following sections:

ECL BasicsAddresses the fundamental concepts of ECL.
Expressions and OperatorsDefines available operators and their expression evaluation precedence.
Value TypesIntroduces data types and type casting.
Record Structures and FilesIntroduces the RECORD structure, DATASET, and INDEX.
Alien Data TypesDefines the TYPE structure and the functions it may use.
Natural Language Parsing SupportDefines the patterns and functions the PARSE function may use.
Reserved KeywordsDefines special-use ECL keywords not elsewhere defined.
Special StructuresDefines the TRANSFORM, MACRO, and other structures and their use.
Built-In Functions and ActionsDefines the functions and actions available as part of the language.
Workflow ServicesDefines the job execution/process control aspects of ECL.
TemplatesDefines the ECL Template commands.
External ServicesDefines the SERVICE structure and its use.