GLOBAL( expression [, FEW | MANY ] )

expressionThe expression to evaluate at a global scope.
FEWOptional. Indicates that the expression will result in fewer than 10,000 records. This allows optimization to produce a significantly faster result.
MANYOptional. Indicates that the expression will result in many records.
Return:GLOBAL may return scalar values or record sets.

The GLOBAL function evaluates the expression at a global scope, similar to what the GLOBAL workflow service does but without the need to define a separate attribute.


IMPORT doxie;
besr := doxie.best_records;
ssnr := doxie.ssn_records;

//**** Individual record defs
recbesr := RECORDOF(besr);
recssnr := RECORDOF(ssnr);

//**** Monster record def
rec := RECORD, MAXLENGTH(doxie.maxlength_report)
    DATASET(recbesr) best_information_children;
    DATASET(recssnr) ssn_children;
nada := DATASET([0], {INTEGER1 a});
rec tra(nada l) := TRANSFORM
  SELF.best_information_children := GLOBAL(besr);
  SELF.ssn_children := GLOBAL(ssnr);
EXPORT central_records := PROJECT(nada, tra(left));

See Also: GLOBAL Workflow Service