IMPORT module-selector-list;

IMPORT folder AS alias ;

IMPORT symbol-list FROM folder ;


module-selector-listA comma-delimited list of folder or file names in the repository. The dollar sign ($) makes all definitions in the current folder available. The caret symbol (^) can be used as shorthand for the container of the current folder. Using a caret within the module specifier (such as, myModule.^) selects the container of that folder. A leading caret specifies the logical root of the file tree.
folderA folder (or file name containing an EXPORTed MODULE structure) in the repository.
ASDefines a local alias name for the folder, typically used to create shorter local names for easier typing.
aliasThe short name to use instead of the folder name.
symbol-listA comma-delimited list of definitions from the folder to make available without qualification. A single asterisk (*) may be used to make all definitions from the folder available without qualification.
FROMSpecifies the folder name in which the symbol-list resides.
languageSpecifies the name of an external programming language whose code you wish to embed in your ECL. A language support module for that language must have been installed in your plugins directory. This makes the language available for use by the EMBED structure and/or the IMPORT function.

The IMPORT keyword makes EXPORT definitions (and SHARED definitions from the same folder) available for use in the current ECL code.


IMPORT $;                      //makes all definitions from the same folder available

IMPORT $, Std;                 //makes the standard library functions available, also

IMPORT MyModule;               //makes available the definitions from MyModule folder

IMPORT $.^.MyOtherModule       //makes available the definitions from MyOtherModule folder,
                               //located in the same container as the current folder

IMPORT $.^.^.SomeOtherModule   //makes available the definitions from SomeOtherModule folder,
                               //which is located in the grandparent folder of current folder

IMPORT SomeFolder.SomeFile;    // make available a specific file
                               // containing an EXPORTed MODULE

IMPORT SomeReallyLongFolderName AS SN;  //alias the long name as "SN"

IMPORT ^ AS root;              //allows access to non-modules defined 
                               //in the root of the repository

IMPORT Def1,Def2 FROM Fred;    //makes Def1 and Def2 from Fred folder available, unqualified

IMPORT * FROM Fred;            //makes everything from Fred available, unqualified

IMPORT Dev.Me.Project1;        //makes the Dev/Me/Project1 folder available 

IMPORT Python;                 //makes Python language code embeddable

See Also: EXPORT, SHARED, EMBED Structure, IMPORT function