Plugin Requirements

Plugins require an exported function with the following signature under Windows:

Extern "C" _declspec(dllexport) bool getECLPluginDefinition(ECLPluginDefinitionBlock *pb)

The function must fill the passed structure with correct information for the features of the plugin. The structure is defined as follows:

Warning: This function may be called without the plugin being loaded fully. It should not make any library calls or assume that dependent modules have been loaded or that it has been initialised. Specifically: "The system does not call DllMain for process and thread initialization and termination. Also, the system does not load additional executable modules that are referenced by the specified module."

Struct ECLPluginDefinitionBlock
    Size_t size;
       //size of passed structure - filled in by the calling function
    Unsigned magicVersion ;
       // Filled in by .SO - must be PLUGIN_VERSION (1) 
    Const char *moduleName;
       // Name of the module 
    Const char *ECL;
       // ECL Service definition for non-HOLE applications
    Unsigned flags;
       // Type of plugin - for user plugin use 1
    Const char *version ;
       // Text describing version of plugin - used in debugging
    Const char *description;
       // Text describing plugin

To initialize information in a plugin, use a global variable or class and it will be appropriately constructed/destructed when the plugin is loaded and unloaded.