Temporary SuperFiles

A SuperFile is a collection of logical files treated as a single entity (see the SuperFile Overview article in the Programmer's Guide). You can specify a temporary SuperFile by naming the set of sub-files within curly braces in the string that names the logical file for the DATASET declaration. The syntax looks like this:

DATASET( '{ listoffiles } ', recstruct, THOR);

listoffiles A comma-delimited list of the set of logical files to treat as a single SuperFile. The logical filenames must follow the rules listed above for logical filenames with the one exception that the tilde indicating scope name override may be specified either on each appropriate file in the list, or outside the curly braces.

For example, assuming the default scope name is "thor," the following examples both define the same SuperFile:

MyFile :=DATASET('{in::file1,

MyFile :=DATASET('~{thor::in::file1,

You cannot use this form of logical filename to do an OUTPUT or PERSIST; this form is read-only.